A welcome one

The year– 2019

The place– Chicago, (Specifically the Sunday of Star Wars Celebration at the Rey cosplay community meet-up)

The personjammthejedi

The what– Well I dropped a lightsaber down an escalator in front of at least 100 other people dressed as Rey at the bottom of said escalator.

Honestly that’s all you need to know about me. (Kidding, kidding)

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was small (the music, Darth Maul, and the fact I first knew of Carrie Fisher as the mystery woman in the Blues Brothers instead of as Princess Leia..) but didn’t fall head over heels in love with it until college with the buzz of the sequel trilogy and recently falling into the hobby of cosplay at the time.

Star Wars is something different for everyone. Always remember that.

But because of Star Wars I’ve found myself growing stronger in myself and in countless relationships with friends. It’s given me the inspiration to be more confident in my creativity. It’s helped me to bridge relationships with friends across the country, and around the world really, that I never would have guessed could have even happened.

My world, when I was little, was dancing and broadway music and a hefty amount of time spent outside and in the garage with my Dad. I’d watch old movies with my parents, and then even more with my grandparents. Star Wars was mentioned, but it was never forced onto me. I don’t remember a time, ever, that someone sat me down and was like ‘you must watch this.’  simply became interested in it one day in high school. I’m leaning towards it had something to do with the music. On any given day I’d be pouring over iTunes and vintage YouTube for songs that could be used for dance. Movie and video game scores always interested me, and well it really just stemmed from there.

Fast forward to now and I’m swimming in lore about the Star Wars universe, a member of the Rebel Legion, and now travel yearly to conventions just about Star Wars.

I’m, as they say, a Star War.

(Image from Tailored Shot Photography, featuring JenEyre’s doggo Stark

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