“A Crash of Fate” Review

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge- A Crash of Fate , Zoraida Córdova 2019 Young Adult Fiction

A non-spoiler summary– A young woman, Izzy, returns to Batuu to complete a delivery job and runs into a friend from her past, Jules. They both reconnect as if it was yesterday, not 10 years, since they’ve last seen each other. Izzy’s most recent crew arrives on Batuu to complete a different job and make things difficult for Izzy. Yes, Izzy and Jules do get a happy ending.

Bright suns! Now let’s dive into that cenote and get into the details here-

After seeing countless photos and content about the planet of Batuu, or Galaxy’s Edge, GE, Star Wars land, whatever you want to call it, I knew going into this everything about the setting before even cracking open the book. The ol’ BSO, or Black Spire Outpost, on the Disney Parks imagineered planet of Batuu.

But let’s roll it back. In the opening scene, a 5 year old Izzy and 6 year old Jules are scaling the spire of BSO. Both of them show a connection with each other as very close friends and Jules even gives a ring to Izzy. One that she will hang onto every day afterward until they meet again years later. The very morning after climbing the spire, Izzy’s family leaves Batuu on her mother’s ship the Meridian in a hushed hurry never to return.

Izzy begins the tale as an almost new member of Ana Tolla’s crew, along with her hotshot smuggler boyfriend, Damar Olin. The important thing to remember about Damar is he’s kind of a huge prick and has blue hair. Really, every time he’s mentioned somehow his perfect blue hair is mentioned. It also just so happens to be Izzy’s birthday. It’s revealed that Ana Tolla just wanted Damar and Izzy for this job to get use of the Meridian and as if on a cue a cantina firefight breaks out. Izzy gets the eff out of that cantina, takes the first job she can, a delivery job to Batuu.

Izzy makes her way back to BSO on her own with the Meridian and from here on out it’s as if we’re reading a travel guide to Galaxy’s Edge. Referring to the large crowds of travelers and visitors as if BSO is a hotspot tourist destination in the galaxy. The way that it’s written, it very well could be. Maybe there is a space Disneyland. BSO is just that, minus the thrill rides.

My favorite part of the entire thing was being able to fall in love with Julen Rakab, or Jules his friends and every resident at BSO, oh so easily. Jules is sweet. He’s loved by all of those around him.

“He was good, dependable Jules Rakab.” ( Córdova 33)

Willing to help out Dok Ondar whenever he’s in need. And seen by his sister to have his head in the clouds, and waiting for something that might not ever come back. (Spoiler- It’s Izzy) Jules has held onto the hope that even though he hasn’t seen her since he was 6 years old, and has thrown away almost every opportunity to leave Batuu and start something new, he’s waited for her to return.

As in most situations, I’m loving a side story more than the main plot. One side story, or at least mention, is Ohnaka Transport Solutions. Yes sir, Hondo Ohnaka has so called quit his pirating and is running a legitmate business now. (On the edge of the Outer Rim, far away from any eyes of the Republic or First Order…) Hondo has always been one of my all time favorite characters, and just getting him name dropped in this seemed more of a reminder that this was a Star Wars story.

But wait, you might be wondering, where does this take place in the Star Wars timeline? First Order Stormtroopers are mentioned in this work, not patrolling the main areas of BSO but keeping to the shadows. And eventually Jules and Izzy make an exchange with a few members of the Resistance, hiding in the Batuu wilderness. In the timeline of the films, this most likely takes place a little bit before the events in the Force Awakens, maybe at year at most before it. As A Crash of Fate comes to an end, the First Order appears to setting down a permanent occupation of BSO, and the Resistance is starting to push back to keep this world free of the First Order’s rule.

The TLDR– If you’re a fan of a young adult almost romance/SciFi elements / Disney parks lore, it’s worth the read. Córdova did an excellent job of bringing life to the two main characters of Izzy and Jules, and I would love to run into them both at Black Spire Outpost and would be honored to fight by both of their sides. An enjoyable read about a day in the life of what a normal denizen of that Star Wars galaxy would be like. Rising moons, and mtfbwy!

Score– 6.8/10

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