The Rise of Kylo Ren: #2 Comic Review

The Kylo Ren comic series goes from good to great in issue number two.

We pick up where things left off, Ben and Snoke (who is dressed like some witch with a newsies cap) talking on an odd, manmade looking planet. Quickly we learn that Ben hates his name, both Ben and Solo.

Obi-Wan Kenobi…big famous Jedi. Everyone thinks I’m supposed to BE him. I never even MET him. And Solo…did you know that’s not even his real name? He’s a LIE,” Ben tell Snoke.

It seems Snoke’s cover almost slips when a droid (very similar to one of the ones we see on a First Order Destroyer’s flight deck) comes out of nowhere to tell Snoke there’s an incoming transmission from General Hux. Ben questions the situation but Snoke sweeps it under the rug and gets the conversation back on track.

So I know the First Order pieces are already well in motion but who’s in charge at the moment? It must be Snoke. So does he change into “friendly looking gardener Snoke” to ease Ben to his side? Most likely. It’s very….creepy.

An interesting quote that comes up next is Snoke saying, “I was not born Snoke. I became Snoke.” We know Palpatine literally made Snoke…so yes he became Snoke in that way? Something to think about.

Anyways, Ben asks how he can find the Knights of Ren and Snoke says he must do it on his own…cue a giant flashback.

The comic dives back a few years where we see what looks like teenage Ben (or early 20s Ben at most). He’s on a trip with Luke and Lor San Tekka (from The Force Awakens). While on the ship, Ben is having a conversation in his head with Snoke through the Force. I guess Luke couldn’t sense this going on but Ben is telling Snoke that he thinks his uncle doesn’t want him to use any of his skills or power, sounding a bit frustrated.

Snoke adds fuel to the fire by saying that Luke thinks of Ben as a child and he mocks the Jedi way…*RED FLAGS BEN!*

It’s pretty sad to see Ben and Luke’s relationship in this comic, knowing what later happens. Ben really respects his uncle (despite frustrations) and Luke thinks all is going very well and you can tell he loves his nephew and just wants what’s best for him.

Skywalker, Solo, and Lor San Tekka arrive at an ancient Jedi temple on Elphrona. They find several old relics, including a Jedi holocron…and then they sense somethings….”cold”. Enter Knights of Ren.

Their odd, charismatic leader, Ren, tells Luke that the Knights are there to rob the temple. Skywalker tells him that everything in there belongs to the Jedi…and that HE is the last Jedi, before turning to Ben and saying, “though not for long.” (BRB CRYING)

So this obviously pisses off Ren and it’s clear we’re about to get a fight. Ren calls Skywalker an old fool and young Ben fearlessly steps in front and says, “This is Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. He is a LEGEND!” (CRYING AGAIN)

With all emotions aside, a duel between the Knights and Luke begins. Seven versus one. Ben appears worried from the “sideline” but Master Skywalker kicks the Knights of Ren’s asses. With the KOR defeated, but still alive, Ren reveals that if his hilt leaves his hand it will explode (that damn saber of his is quite the mystery).

Luke tells him to leave and he finally agrees to take his boys and go. Before he does that he removes his mask to reveal normal looking face with grey flowing hair. It honestly looks very similar to Kylo but with grey hair…

“Hey kid, you sure this is the life for you? You do know there are other paths, right?,” says Ren.

Luke, with his classic green saber still lit, tells this maniac to scram and he finally does after telling Ben to come look them up (galaxy yellow pages?). Ren left his helmet there in that temple and the comic resumes to modern day with Ben grabbing and putting on the helmet. It just sat there for years?

Ren somehow speaks to Ben through the helmet and tells him to come to Vanrak in the mid rim. END.

What an issue. We learned so much once again but there are still SO MANY questions! It’s so damn sad to see all these voices and ideas being thrown into poor Ben’s head. Snoke and Ren just sense him and want him for his power while Luke actually cares for Ben, raising him to be a Jedi. A true tragedy is unfolding as we know, similar to Anakin Skywalker’s fall.

What we learned in issue #2:

-Snoke and Hux communicate prior to the fall of Luke’s temple. How strong is the First Order at this point? And is Snoke already the leader? Most likely.

-Snoke wasn’t born Snoke…he “became” Snoke.

-Ben hates his name…at least in the moment.

-Snoke and Ben have been communicating since AT LEAST his was a teenager/early 20s. And they’ve been communicating through their minds.

-Ben is slightly frustrated with his training but he respects the hell out of his uncle Luke.

-Ren, the master of the KOR, is a human…and he likes to joke around it seems.

-Anyone who puts on Ren’s helmet can communicate with him? Or at least so it seems when Ben does it.

The AJ rating for comic #2: 9/10. Some light backstory/tease on Snoke/Hux/First Order, a great look into Luke and Ben’s relationship, an epic fight, and some new “Star Wars magic” revealed. Can’t wait for #3!

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