The Future of Star Wars

Now that the Sequel Trilogy and the Skywalker Saga are over (for now…) we are still in the dark of what will come next in the Star Wars universe. Rumors and ideas have been swirling for a bit now but what is it that I want to see?

I’ve had interesting discussions with my Star Wars friends over the last few months about what we like and dislike in a galaxy, far, far away. Somehow the tables turned on me and it was said that I only like things from the Skywalker Saga…which I’m pretty sure is not true. I say “pretty sure” because over 80% of Star Wars stuff has been from the Skywalker Saga.

Things I’m ‘meh’ on are Rogue One (I love the characters for the most part!) and….. The Mandalorian. WELL I’m not meh on The Mandalorian, I like it A LOT. I just don’t see the overwhelming drooling over it and people saying “oh this is real Star Wars” really puts me off. So that’s not really the show’s fault at all and I’m probably being unfair. If not for social media I’d probably be drooling over the show.

So this is a post about the future of SW and the thing we just mentioned, The Mandalorian, will play a big part in that so I’ll include what I’d like to see from the show in the future.

What I want from the future of The Mando:

-Exploring the origin of The Child aka ‘Baby Yoda’. This is a certainty for season two I assume. I’d like to see Baby Yoda be some sort of clone of actual Yoda OR an experiment that the Empire and Palpatine were working on with midichlorians…which leads me to my next point.

-Eventually seeing the show lead into/teasing plot points for the Sequel Trilogy. It’d be so cool to see some background on things that eventually happen in the sequels, like secrets the Empire/First Order had. Seeing the beginning of the FO and them kidnapping children to become Stormtroopers would be a great thing for Din Djarin to witness.

-Cameos from across the galaxy. Some CGI work may have to be done to make some actors appear younger but it may be cool to even see very young versions of Ben Solo, Poe Dameron, or something like that…even though it’d be very minor.

-Moff Gideon has the potential to become a great Star Wars villain (mostly because Giancarlo Esposito is such an amazing actor and has already mastered playing a villain in the past). I hope he sticks around for a few seasons with that badass darksaber that he now somehow has obtained.

Okay so that’s just what I would like to see from the future of The Mandalorian. What would I want to see elsewhere?!

Well there’s very truthful rumors of the next Star Wars trilogy being set in the High Republic however we don’t really know what that means. We pretty much know that that will be about 400-500 ish years prior to The Phantom Menace?

This isn’t quite the Old Republic which was thousands of years prior to this. I would love to see the Old Republic more canonized again and now that Revan is officially canon thanks to The Rise Of Skywalker there’s hope that that’s around the corner. I would even be okay with them just sticking to video games again and even comics/books for that.

The High Republic Era would be a cool spot that fills in between the Old Republic and the Skywalker Saga. Something fresh that hasn’t been explored and that’s very exciting for SW!

I’d love to see a ‘bonus season’ added to Rebels since we’re not sure what the heck happened to Thrawn and Ezra. That could even tie into the sequel trilogy a bit too. Something that NEEDS to be explained more is the ‘World Between Worlds’. It seems like such a fascinating idea and the teases we’ve had from it have been mind blowing (Ezra hearing Kylo, Rey, and others 30+ years prior to their existence). We need more Dave Filoni all of the time.

The Kenobi show will be right around the corner and while that will be very exciting I don’t think that much light will be shed on things. I mean Obi Wan is living in the deserts of Tatooine watching over Luke? It’d be really great to see Obi Wan communicating with Force ghost Qui-Gon.

We need to see another original animated show from Filoni. Something taking place between ROTJ and TFA (just like Mando) would be great since that is just starting to be explored. I know Resistance wasn’t totally his show but that was a disappointment.

We’re not likely to see this but I think a show following Poe and Finn in between TLJ and TRoS would be fantastic. Also how can you tease Rey with a sweet yellow lightsaber and not follow up with her? I suppose easily…BUT I’d bet that we’ll see Daisy reprise the role again SOMEDAY.

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