Leaked! Star Wars: Squadrons

Long have I waited….for another Star Wars flying game!

We haven’t had one since Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike came out at the end of 2003 (I could be wrong on that though so feel free to correct me.)

There’s always the classics that come to mind like the Starfighter series or the previously mentioned Rogue Squadron games. It was a blast to hop in the cockpit of a beloved Star Wars ship and tear it around space, shooting down Empire or Trade Federation ships in the process.

Some of my greatest Star Wars game memories come from these games. One small detail I remember is just looking through all the ships in the hanger in Rogue Squadron. It felt so genuine that you were able to look through the hanger and then just hop in whichever ship you choose.

Jedi Starfighter came out when I was in second grade and boy was that a time. I’d have a few friends over and we’d take turns. That game had a nice little story that followed Jedi Adi Gallia. It was cool to see stuff happening that wasn’t in the movies but still connected.

I expect Star Wars: Squadrons to do just that, give us control of a cool squadron in the Rebel Alliance and let us run some operations against the Empire. These kind of games aren’t meant to be huge blockbuster hits like Jedi: Fallen Order or even Battlefront but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as fun or memorable.

Squadrons will likely feature multiplayer I’m assuming (after all the flying multiplayer in Battlefront 2 is my favorite game mode in that) however I hope they really focus on a great single player story like Fallen Order did. I feel game companies have become so obsessed with multiplayer and online that they sometimes leave a great story in the dust…please don’t do that with this EA!

At the end of the day though, it’s new Star Wars content and I’m grateful enough for that. More on this game will be officially revealed sometime next week at the EA Play event.

Author: Boston_Kylo

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