Report in, Vanguard Squadron!

The trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons is here!! (Full press release here!)

Let’s dive into it!

The art style for the poster is suspiciously close to that from Alphabet Squadron, well guess what. The X-Wing squadron in this game is Vanguard Squadron, mentioned in Alphabet Squadron! (That title is now pushed to the front of my what to read next list! I’ve had it since release, but haven’t been able to get into it. Better now, than never)

Vanguard Squadron’s base is the ship the Lodestar, which is also home to Alphabet Squadron. Both are under the umbrella command of Hera Syndulla. My first big takeaway of the the trailer was SEEING HERA IN THE BREIFING ROOM!!!! (Wearing a jacket that she wore in the Lego Freemaker Adventures in addition to her standard pilot outfit.)

Let’s also look at the two squadrons here! The Rebellion’s Vanguard Squadron is diverse in both species, and human races. (Gender as well, but I’m not going to assume the gender of the aliens present. We simply do not know enough!) A Miralian! A closer look at their face, yellow with blue tattoo markings just like Barris Offee and Luminara Unduli. A Trandoshan!! A just like our favorite bounty hunter Bossk, no shoes to speak of. But a blue flight suit this time, was this Trandoshan a transfer from another squadron? Our main character in the middle, with a black human female pilot to her left. And what we’re believing is a Mimbanese on the far right! We’ve really only seen them in Solo as members of Enfys Nests’s Cloud Riders gang.

Even the Empire’s Titan squadron is diverse in human races and gender. At least two females, and two males, one being Asian. On the far left, one still has a helmet on, and is VERY tall compared to the rest. I’m holding out hope that they’re a Chiss or Pantoran or a Miraluka. Imagine that, a pilot for the Empire with NO EYES.

Hoping for a good story out of this one, because flying (and driving, and most basic functions) in games I’m terrible at. With the existing background of Alphabet Squadron and Shadow Wing, this game is set up to have a good narrative.

It is confirmed that this game will take place after the events of the Battle of Endor. Just as in Alphabet Squadron. More to come in the next few days when we get some gameplay content. Star Wars:Squadrons is set to come out October 2, 2020!

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