Night Buzzard & chill?

Gather round Knights, we’re having a meeting back at Albrekh’s workbench. Wait, you’re not familiar with Albrekh? Why, he’s the Symeong that’s our sith alchemist / metalsmith! (And in concept art he was also a chainsmoker. Death sticks are bad, kids.)

We have been starved for Knights of Ren content ever since their first appearance in The Force Awakens (TFA). Just one small flashback/force vision scene, a couple one off lines about Kylo being Master of the Knights of Ren, some concept art including one of them sitting on a trash can, and that’s it. Then we barely got a taste of them The Rise of Skywalker (TROS).

But somehow, I have loved Ushar, Ap’Lek, Cardo, Trudgen, Kuruk, and Vicrul with all my heart since that first time I watched TFA back in 2015. So here we are, five years later now and I’ve almost committed the SIX pages in the TROS visual dictionary about the Knights to memory. (ONe page for each knight? Nah, but… maybe that was the plan originally..)

Some people are counting sheep to get to sleep, I’m listing the knights over and over in my head. But only 5 of them because I couldn’t remember the 6th. (Kuruk, it was Kuruk that didn’t stick in my head.)

Kuruk haunts me now.

But let’s take a look at the Night Buzzard. We got our first taste of the Knights of Ren and the Night Buzzard in the Rise of Kylo Ren comics. A ship that fits their vibe perfectly, well almost perfectly since they stole it originally and made modifications to it to really make it perfect for them. Originally from the penal colony world of Osseriton, manufactured by Osseriton Assemblages. The ship is explained as an Oubilette class “dungeon transport ship” by the TROS visual dictionary. Not just a prison ship, a dungeon transport ship.

What the heck kind of prisoners are on Osseriton?

Or were on Osseriton, we should say instead. The Knights were hired, by an unknown source at the moment, to liberate the prisoners of Osseriton. In turn, they took a dungeon ship and kept it. After some crudely made modifications, it really became their home. A bunch of dudes just trying to make their ship the fastest thing, and in the process it’s leaving a trail of noxious fumes as they zoom along.

The Knights are expert warriors, not mechanics. It makes complete sense they’d screw up modifications. Being a mechanic for a ship in the Star Wars universe requires a lot of attention to detail and craftsmanship. Right after they took the ship, I can imagine a conversation something like this-

Kuruk- We need to make it faster?

Ap’Lek- Faster?

Cardo- FASTER!

Ushar- OK, who can do that?

Trudgen- Could we do that?

Vicrul- … how hard can it be?

And thus the crude fixings were born, and the Knights focused back on their headhunting in this new ship with Ren. Maybe later on a piece of Ben Solo wanted to fix the ship, but we’ll never know…

The Night Buzzard is getting it’s official lego later this year, and you can bet all 6 of the lives of the Knights (Are they immortal? Who are they actually? I want to know these things…) that I’m getting that lego and it will be the crown jewel of all my lego sets.

Awe, I loved it when Rey took on Kuruk & Cardo.

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