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Uh oh, guess who has a hot take about the Clone Wars? It’s me, and my favorite arc of season 7 was not the Siege of Mandalore. It was the Bad Batch.

Does that make me any less of an Ahsoka & Rex stan? Nah, still love them both dearly. I was amped to see the Siege and Maul and ugh all of it. We knew how it would end. We knew going into the Siege that-

  1. Order 66 was coming. And we all had to relive that pain again.
  2. It would focus on just Rex & Ahsoka (YAY) because everyone else’s stories were tied up in the actual films.
  3. Rex, Ahsoka, and Maul would not die. Because they all show up in later content. (Rebels and Solo)

Knowing an ending to something is not what I’m looking for when I’m about to watch something new. Same thing with Rogue One, we all knew going into it that they were all going to die and because of that I’ve never been able to connect with the story well enough. (Although that Scarif battle, WOW.)

My favorite part about The Clone Wars has always been none other than the clones. The entire series was created to give more context to the prequels, and what this war was even actually about. It gave us so many characters, that were inherently the same guy but all so uniquely different.

I could go on for days just about “Rookies” alone and still end up crying about Hevy.

News broke yesterday on twitter from user OutlawNoah that the next series will be about the Bad Batch!

Hearing that the next animated series will actually be about the Bad Batch fills me with joy! We’re marching into a timeline in the Star Wars universe that really hasn’t been explored that much yet. The early days of the empire / a galaxy that suddenly sees the Jedi as traitors. We’ve seen glimpses of this timeline through the Darth Vader comics, Jedi: Fallen Order, and of course Solo.

This post 66 era is arguably one of my favorite timelines in the Star Wars universe. The Empire is in it’s infancy, and growing by the minute. There are DEFINATELY still some JEdi kicking around. The whole Inquisitorious program is going on! Groups like Enfys Nest’s Cloud-Riders are rising up against crime syndicates like Crimson Dawn. HECK, Maul is running Crimson DAwn! How does that happen?!

There is so much untapped content that can worked into a show like this. It will be at it’s core be about the clones and their journey forward in this galaxy. We’ll finally learn more about what happens to the entire clone army when they are decommissioned. Where do they go? What do they move on to do? Do they move on to do anything? We only see a slim handful of them in Rebels. Those can’t be the only ones left, but it’s a possibility.

The way that the Bad Batch arc ends is a prime set up for future adventures with them with their new member Echo. I found so much love for Echo getting a second chance and finding a place to belong at the end of this arc. We’ll see the new group go through Order 66, would it even make any difference to them.

Wait. We need to sit through Order 66 again.

I don’t know if I have the strength to sit thorough that pain again. Maybe they’ll fast forward through it since they don’t work with any jedi? (Probably not.) These clones work on their own rules, it rarely seems like the Republic gave them orders. However, will the ultimate order apply to them? Will they serve the Empire in it’s infancy, or will they strike out on their own for good. Here’s to hoping they break out and work on their own as a renegade group for hire.

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