Rebels “Continuation”

The Clone Wars got the icing on it’s cake of a story with it’s final season coming this past spring, now it’s time we tie up some loose ends from another Dave Filoni project.

It’s been stated by Filoni multiple times that there won’t technically be a “sequel” to the hit animated show Star Wars: Rebels but rather there will possibly be a continuation of Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra’s story…a spin-off if you will.

“I think that there’s always potential for stories that involve the characters from Rebels, which is maybe a better way to put it,” Filoni said when asked if there will be a sequel to Rebels. “They’ve all earned their place in the galaxy, so to speak, so I’m sure there’s some more of them to do.”

A dead giveaway that we will at least see some of these characters again. After all it’s heavily rumored Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren will appear in season two of The Mandalorian. I feel those will likely be moderate cameos at most.

Earlier this week the rumor mill was rolling once again with chatter about The Bad Batch getting a spinoff as well as Rebels getting a “continuation” (there’s that word again!).

When we last saw our friends, Ahsoka and Sabine, they were gearing up for a trip to go find Ezra in a post Return of the Jedi galaxy.

“There was something else I was meant to do,” Sabine said in the final moments of Rebels. “Ezra’s out there somewhere and it’s time to bring him home.”

That closing shot of Ahsoka and Sabine had us fans screaming for MORE (Kylo scream) and it appears it is on the horizon at last. So then begs the question, what would we want included in this spinoff?

List time:

Exploration into the Unknown Regions: The most likely place that Ezra, Thrawn, and the Purrgils jumped to. There’s so much mystery swirling around this dark ass corner of the galaxy and it’s equally exciting as it is spooky. Exegol and the second coming of the Emperor are sitting out there, remaining pieces of the Empire are slowly forming into the First Order there, who the heck knows what else is going on out there?!

Thrawn and Palpatine’s contingency: So we know Thrawn coursed the way into the Unknown Regions for the Emperor as it is where he’s from. That itself is a huge tie in to the sequels and The Rise of Skywalker, Thrawn probably created the damn Sith Wayfinders himself. I’d be drooling over that backstory if it was given to us.

So…what happens to Ezra and Ahsoka? : Two of the strongest force users we’ve seen don’t come into play in the sequels, so did they die? It’d sort of be the easy way out to just kill them off but it is the most likely case. Although the whole point of the Ahsoka/Sabine mission is to find and rescue Ezra..maybe something else comes into play. We know Ahsoka’s voice comes to Rey at the end of TRoS but does that actually means she’s dead? We shall see.

World Between Worlds? : Ezra shut off the “door” to the WBW in the final season of Rebels but it totally still exists. There’s no way they bring something that unique and powerful into Star Wars to never show or bring it up again, right? I’m not one for time travel or changing the course of events but seeing the WBW was one of my favorite moments from the show. Ben Solo stans pray every day that he is in there somewhere…waiting to be brought back but uhh I doubt it (although I do wish it…). Will we see more WBW action with Ezra or Ahsoka? I’d be down for it.

Before or after Mando: If the leaks/rumors are true and Ahsoka and Sabine do make cameos in season two of The Mandalorian will it be before or after the Rebels spinoff? Considering Mando so far takes place five years after the fall of the Empire and the end scene of Rebels is right after the fall, it seems it would be after their mission. However, maybe it’s neither. Maybe it’s DURING their mission. Who knows? Navigating the galaxy and getting information on the Unknown Regions could take that long.

I know some people are bummed or disappointed that The Mandalorian is sort of going to break it’s season one mold of being it’s own thing but I’m VERY excited to see it connect to the rest of Star Wars canon, especially if that means live action Ahsoka (give us a duel between her and Gideon!!).

Anyways, here’s to hoping that some official confirmation comes this summer about a Rebels spinoff. It’s time to get some of the band back together.

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