Hands ON the Merchandise – the child conundrum

We’ve been getting a steady feed of new Star Wars content since 2015. With every new release, and anniversary, it comes with that wave of merchandise. I’ll be the one to ask it here, why is there so much merchandise for The Child?

“Oh, it’s just so adorable!!!”

“I watch the show JUST for the baby!”

“I would die for the child!”

What? Look these were all overdramatized quotes, BUT, I have heard variations of these pretty much everywhere from everyone since the show dropped back in November.

The marketing for The Mandalorian did not involve the Child at all, to avoid spoiling the actual show. And overnight, that’s all that was in the discussion about the show. So any plans that Disney, Hasbro, and all their other vendors had for releasing the Child merch got pushed forward and it was the most in demand product wanted.

This was a puzzling time for a fan of the sequel trilogy. Everyone would not shut up about Baby Yoda, and well I was all in for The Rise of Skywalker coming out a month after this.

It seems like the marketing team is trying to erase The Rise of Skywalker from the face of the Earth and not make anything else for it.

TROS was the end of an era. And ever since the release everyone has forgotten about it. It’s all about the Child (a release a month before TROS) , Clone Wars season 7 (a release almost 4 months AFTER TROS), and NEW STUFF FOR THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.


I understand it’s not the same kind of merch releases as when Empire came out, a different time and all that, but why are we totally forgetting about TROS? We had an OK run of merch for The Force Awakens and a mountain of porg related products for The Last Jedi. Was that it? Did the porgs kill the sequel trilogy marketing campaign? What did it?

All I’m asking is for more official merchandise for the sequels. Back in early October we had Triple Force Friday! (New merch for TROS, Mandalorian, and Jedi:Fallen Order) There were murmurs at that time that a supposed second wave of merch would come out after TROS.

Just speculation here but, looks like all of the goodies for TROS got pushed back just so we could have 50 more designs of The Child. At this current moment in time, I do not own any models of The Child. I have enough porgs staring deep into my soul as it is.

I am the only thing that matters in Star Wars now.

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