Holonet Games Presents: Racer (Part 2!)

I’ll be honest this video starts with AJ cracking open a cold one and it kind of spirals from there. The racing pods I mean. The pods spiral out of control, sometimes seemingly off into absolutely nothing. (After they hit absolutely nothing.)

We’re enjoying Racer, even thought it’s just a little game to play. The Episode 1 video games have been a goldmine for me personally. I didn’t have any of the Star Wars video games growing up, and seeing them for the first time as an adult is something else. Honestly, I don’t have words for how bizarre they are sometimes.

In this video, blink and you might miss it, there’s a small reference to my absolute favorite scene in the Phantom Menace video game. It involves Qui-Gon, and no it’s not about the T-14 hyperdrive generator. (Not this time at least…)

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