#MakeSolo2Happen – 5 wishes for a SOLO sequel

It’s been 2 years now, and we’re still casually throwing this hashtag around. Solo: A Star Wars Story has developed into a cult favorite amongst SW fans. You either absolutely LOVE it, or you haven’t seen it. There is barely an in-between here. You’re in luck if you haven’t seen it still, it’s coming to Disney+ on July 10th! (Previously available on Netflix, but recently released to the Disney streaming service)

The canon timeline would benefit so much from a sequel to Solo, even if it isn’t a story just about Han Solo. Yes, even though this film was the story of young Han, we also received insight into interesting new groups within the universe, leaving us wanting more! So let’s get the conversation going again, and #MakeSolo2happen!

Crimson Dawn

This gang had been around for years prior to the events in Solo. We’re thrown right into it, which is a good thing. Crimson Dawn is shown to us as being super mysterious, but also a huge threat. Recently, Crimson Dawn appeared in other canon material showing up in season 7 of The Clone Wars. Dryden Vos appears, right alongside the Pykes, in a holoprojection call from Maul. Could you hear me screaming about half the plot of Solo getting so much screen time in TCW, because man I was hyped.

The fact we received references to Solo TWICE in the Martez sister arc was incredible! In episode 7.6, they literally go to Kessel and fly the same route in as Han would a few years later. It does makes me wonder why they decided to make Ahsoka and the Martez sisters deal with the Pykes for three episodes , rather than with Crimson Dawn. The Pyke Syndicate and Crimson Dawn do not work together, as shown in Solo, but Maul easily had a link to both groups during TCW. I want to know that story.

Darth Maul

Let’s just look at Darth Maul for a moment here. We almost have his ENTIRE story! He’s evolved from a you’ll-never-see-me-again character in The Phantom Menace to being an absolute fan favorite popping up in numerous mediums in canon since. His survival story was shown in The Clone Wars, his ending was shown in Rebels, and of course one of his most pivotal moments (The Siege of Mandalore) was also covered in TCW: The Final Season. (You could also throw in that his “theme” from TPM is eerily similar to the Sith Eternal chant in TRoS.)

At this point to his story we’re just missing how he came to running Crimson Dawn, and what happens to him after the Siege. Between the time of the Siege and the events in Solo, almost 10 years, Maul has become the full leader of Crimson Dawn and operating exclusively from the shadows. Pulling the strings for Dryden Vos, and Qi’ra.

Qi’ra, and the Darksaber…

What a mysterious character she turns out to be. Qi’ra’s story has more to build on as well, it could easily fall hand in hand with Maul’s post Siege campaign. Qi’ra is plucked from Corellia by Crimson Dawn, and we don’t know anything else from there.

From her last scene in Solo, it’s obvious she’s been in close conversations with Maul before. And Maul values what she brings to Crimson Dawn. We need more content from Qi’ra, what happens next for her when she joins Maul on Dathomir?

To our knowledge, the Darksaber remains on Dathomir from Maul’s fight against Grievous and doesn’t leave until the Ghost crew arrives years later. Hear me out, does Qi’ra ever get the chance to duel with the darksaber? THe opportunity is there, think on it. They made a point to tell us Qi’ra has learned the Teräs Käsi fighting style. A style designed to fight a Jedi. We don’t know the origin of it still, but if someone was looking to fight a Jedi I bet my credits it was a Mandalorian..

The Calrissian Chronicles

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian was a GIFT. We only briefly saw his recording of this, during the heist of the coaxium no less. Young Lando was a vlogger, what can we say?

If, now if, Donald Glover would be available to come back I would absolutely love to see a Lando mini series. With either adventures pre-Solo, to include L3-37 (Who was also a GIFT, and I love her and Phoebe Waller-Bridge more with every rewatch) or something sest post Solo. The ending of Solo was definitely not the last time that Han and Lando saw each other before the reencounter each other in Empire Strikes Back. A comic series would be perfect for this kind of story, an assorted bunch of adventures of young Han & Chewie and accidentally running into Lando again.

Enfys Nest & The Cloud Riders

We have the foundation of the rebellion, RIGHT HERE. There’s so much we can jump to from the ending of Solo with Enfy’s faction. Even though the Cloud-Riders are seen as pirates to everyone, it’s clear that they’re trying to do so much more. In Enfys notes she’s bringing the coaxium to Saw Gerrera, to help light the spark of rebellion essentially.

Over the different mediums we’ve learned about Saw and his group of rebels. Now the events in Solo take place after the events in Jedi: Fallen Order, only by a few years. Saw’s group is already known across various rebel cells in the galaxy and the Cloud-Riders are just another group in that larger world.

Enfys Nest, and the actress Erin Kellyman, are important for the ever expanding Star Wars universe. Erin’s casting in Solo was kept under the radar, Enfys’ true identity being kept a secret for the majority of the film. Finding out she was a young woman of color was the best reveal of the film. We need more characters and actors in SW like Enfys & Erin. Getting her to come back to add to the story will only help all of us grow.

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