Dear J.J., Rose Tico Deserved One More Scene

We love Rose Tico. Her story arc in The Last Jedi was fortunate enough to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. We’re also given the set up that she’s a simple mechanic, but thrown into a situation that she didn’t sign up for. During TLJ Rose gets taken out of her comfort zone when her sister dies, and goes on a “what the hell, why not” journey in helping Finn. Upon getting to Crait, the Resistance is down to their last handful of fighters and pilots and they’ll take anyone able to pilot those speeders. Rose volunteers because she has nothing to lose.

The moment she set foot in that speeder, she was ready to die for the cause of the Resistance. She was pushed out of her comfort zone, helped one of the main heroes whom she and her sister idolized, and knew that she’d accept it when her time came if she had to die.

But she didn’t. Even in her selfless act of sacrificing herself to save Finn, she still survives.

In The Rise of Skywalker we could have easily, EASILY, seen Rose in at least one more scene. That could have been the Poe, Finn, Chewie, Artoo, and KLAUD scene.

What purpose did Klaud solve, J.J.? Klaud was literally just a giant johnson with a face. There was absolutely zero point to him.

The absolute disgust in Oscar Isaac’s face here gets me every time…

The way that Poe talks to Klaud during their trip, he’s in obvious distress. The Falcon is always in need of attention, and why in the name of the galaxy did they bring a mechanic who doesn’t have any arms? Klaud only came with them in the first place because he was under the impression it was a simple parts pick up.

Excuse me.

Rose Tico is the head of engineering corps for the Resistance. AND she has a history with field work.

Rose could have EASILY been substituted in for Klaud here! It would have made more sense to have her join them on at least one mission in the film. When Poe begins lightspeed skipping, Rose would have scolded him for pushing the Falcon. Throwing technicalties left and right at him why it’s a bad idea to be doing this at all. Chewie would be backing her up, and continuing his own arguments as well.

Upon returning to Ajan Kloss, we still would have received Poe and Rey butting heads. (Poe is a difficult man) And Finn coming in to break up the argument, with Rose right there by his side to back him up.

Rose and Rey needed at least O N E exchange with each other in this film. They had one scene in the last movie and Rose was UNCONSCIOUS and Rey was just looking at her like who’s that?? Does that even count? No, not really.

Ladies of the Resistance, rise!

We know they filmed something for TROS because the above photo exists… Probably something that would have happened in the prep before leaving for Pasaana. Rey has the Skywalker saber clipped to her belt. It wouldn’t make sense for this scene to be anywhere before Rey’s first appearance. And Rey never returns to Ajan Kloss after the Pasaana journey.

When Finn asks Rose to come with them on the mission to Pasaana, she politely declines saying she’s needed on the base. This isn’t very well explained in the film, since this is really the first time we see her onscreen. If she was shown earlier, on a mission that went south quickly, Finn and Roses’s interaction would have made more sense. It would be very Rose to say something like “I’m done with field work after that garbage that Poe is pulling.”

That is my request J.J. , you easily could have added her into that one scene.

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