Alex Watches The Clone Wars: Part 1

Well, I suppose it’s time to admit something. I am a huge Star Wars fan. Like the kind that loves the characters so much that I dress up as them. But as much as I love this fandom…I’ve never watched The Clone Wars.

I know, I know. I’m sorry. The prequels came out when I was a teenager and I was totally into them. But when The Clone Wars theatrical release came out I was just getting married and not really into the idea of going to see a Star Wars cartoon. I also wasn’t totally sold on the idea of Ashoka. Because I didn’t understand how Anakin could have a padawan and have that make sense with the movie canon. Clearly, I was proven wrong over the years.

But here I am, writing for a blog, and I’m finally given my excuse to go watch binge this show.

When I presented this idea to the others on the writing staff, I was asked a critical question: will you be watching in release or chronological order. To which my only thought was, oh no…not this again. It seems much like the films it starts in the middle of our story. So with the help of a friend I decided chronological order was best and started with season 2 episode 16: Cat and Mouse. Because that makes total sense. No seriously, I’ve seen the watch order list. Whoever wrote this show was off their rocker.

Anyway, to the show! The episode started with a narration that made me laugh. Seriously, the voice was right out of an old radio show. But it seemed that the basic premise of the episode was pretty simple. It’s the Clone Wars, Senator Bail Organa needs help, and Anakin is on the way. Easy enough set up to follow.

The art style for this show is really nice. And the voice acting was great. Obi Wan sounded perfect. While Anakin sounded not a lot like Hayden Christensen, which was also perfect. The villain of the episode though…not so perfect. His character seemed interesting, and I really enjoyed the fact that his wanted poster looked like they just took his concept art and slapped it in there. But no one told me there would be humanoid spider creatures in Star Wars!? No thank you!

As to be expected the episode was pretty much Anakin being rebellious and not listening to Obi Wan’s advice. And ultimately having his aggressive plan pan out and saving the day. It was decent episode. Nothing groundbreaking or special. But enough to sink my teeth into to want to watch more.

All and all. I am looking forward to writing this series. And getting to finally watch this show while sharing it with all of you. Next time I will tackle one more episode as well as the movie. Till then, may the force be with you.

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