Blue and Green Milk: What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

Do you often find yourself wondering just what the difference is between the Blue and the Green Milk offered at Disney’s new land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? What about deciding which of the two flavors you should try? The land has been long anticipated ever since it was announced. When it was promised that you would be able to sample both the Blue Milk and the Green Milk, you may have been finding yourself questioning what sort of flavor each drink would have.

Disney created an interesting but memorable texture when it came to these legendary drinks; however, it seems both drinks receive mixed reviews when it comes to the satisfaction in flavoring. I would not fully consider this drink a frozen drink, but it isn’t just a straight liquid either. It teeters between the two, somehow meshing together in an almost perfect fashion that certainly helps cool down while venturing to a planet with ‘Bright Suns’ on an extremely hot day. This semi-frozen drink is quite the debate, and I am here to give my own input on it all.

If you are someone who enjoys something that tastes floral with a little bit of citrus here and there mixed in with it, you will be more than satisfied with the Green Milk. The Green Milk almost tastes like something you would find at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. It isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, but it doesn’t taste too sour either. It has just the perfect amount of balance between a citrus-infused lavender drink. The Green Milk is my personal favorite.

If you find yourself enjoying sweeter, berry-like flavors more, you might lean towards the Blue Milk. The Blue Milk reminded me of the blue Go-Gurt I used to have in my lunch box when you were a kid. Some even say that it tastes like a Fruit Loop, and I heartily concur after hearing that statement. Blue Milk seems more like a dessert in and of itself with how sweet it is, so definitely be prepared for that.

The fact of the matter is, it all comes down to personal preference; however, both variations of the classic drink are satisfying to say the least. If you want something sweet and fruity, go with the Blue Milk. If you would rather prefer something tangy and floral, the Green Milk is a better option for you! Either way, I would say that Disney has done a wonderful job with creating these specialty drinks, and it certainly does feel like it is a part of the Star Wars universe!

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