Virtual Event or Not, The 2020 Celebration Merchandise Is Here

Even with no virtual event the star wars celebration shop is open for business. The virtual Celebration store opened today with a very limited selection of items. A few t-shirts, two adorable plushies, a geeky tiki, a few other accessories, and oh yeah some exclusive pins. But they were pins that you could only purchase in sets of 3, WITH a t-shirt.

Interesting, is putting it mildly.

Welcome to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020.

There have been no announcements to have any sort of official virtual event this year. Which is very curious as most conventions this year have moved to some form of a virtual program available to anyone who wants to tune in.

Celebration has decided to just open up their shop, on what would have been day 2 of the convention, to ticket holders first. And the general public this coming Monday.

After making my mandatory purchase of the Mynock plushie. (I mean come on, I had to..)

An actual photo from their listing!

The confirmation email gives us this information-

We can look forward to more releases in the future from the SWC shop! The timeline for these releases is unclear, very VERY unclear.

With the pins, there are exclusives to specific vendors and the biggest draw for collectors is the overall chase for a complete set! It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds, and what actually will be available to fans.

Here is what we know about the pins so far! We’re given a peek at what the releases will be, most of them easily identifiable with those iconic silhouettes like Leia’s space buns, Kylo’s helmet, Baby Yoda’s big ears, and Ahsoka’s montrals. No guidance yet on when they will be released, how often will releases be, which ones are limited quantities, will outside vendors be selling them, … There are a lot of questions about pins, and all are unanswered, we can only wait for now.

Hopefully, we’re not going to be battling any price gougers on ebay for a piece of embossed metal. Don’t be one of those dudes. Pin trading in 2022 will be totally different, people will be looking for the new ones AND the 2020 set!

What’d you get in the store? What are you most looking forward to getting? We’ll be checking the shop daily for updates. Let us know what you’re looking forward to! Afraid you’re going to miss out, don’t worry there will be plenty of chances. Or take a look back here at some of those stranger Celebration merch pieces!

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