The tiniest glimpse

We’ve officially reached a point of desperation in the Star Wars fandom.

Desperation for ANY official news that is.

Star Wars leakers and diehard fans have been chomping at the bit over the last two weeks over a possible trailer for season two of The Mandalorian.

To no surprise, those folks were wrong and we’re still trailer-less.

However, today we did get something! A poster/logo for season two of Mando that reveals the show will begin on October 30th.

The poster consists of the same “The Mandalorian” title with Din Djarin standing in the “A” in Mandalorian, this time with his counter part The Child. Instead of a desert background it seems to be an ocean or lake of some sort at dusk. You can also spot a few tower like structures in the background, very interesting.

Wherever this is it seems like it could be a very unique setting to Star Wars, sort of like Sorgan was in season one.

Who knows, maybe it’s the home world of The Child and that entire species? Probably not but it’s fun to speculate.

There really isn’t much to breakdown here obviously but it’s certainly exciting to get our first glimpse at season two (even if it’s just a tiny nugget). Hopefully this time next week I can be breaking down a trailer!

This is the way.

Author: Boston_Kylo

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