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“ORACLE”, Voy, “The Art of The Rise of Skywalker” page 238

The Oracle

The Oracle is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and intriguing character concepts to date. I first read about this character in a reddit leak for TROS in spring 2019. What can I say, I have no self-control when exposed to the words “Star Wars” and “Leaks.”

Known as “The Oracle,” this parasite-like creature was rumored to interact with Kylo Ren during the early stages of the film.

Its dorito head almost reminds me of a monster I imagined up as a child (and was also scared of.. brain why you do this??).

First Impressions

I was immediately struck by how creepy and bizarre the design of this creature was. A literal parasite. The spidery creature thrives atop a sleeping host. Unsettling for sure!

Light-speed to December 16th, the release of TROS. The Oracle is nowhere to be seen! So where did it go? Or, did it even exist to begin with?

!!! Spoilers below for The Rise of Skywalker novelization !!!

Concept Art by Jake Lunt Davies

Guardian of the Wayfinder

We’re first formally introduced to The Oracle in Rae Carson’s “Expanded Edition of The Rise of Skywalker”.

Introducing itself as “The Eye of Webbish Bog” or simply “The Eye”, the creature claims to know what Kylo Ren is searching for (spoiler alert, it’s the wayfinder). Kylo attempts a Mind Probe to pull the wayfinder location from The Eye. His efforts are unsuccessful.

Do you really think my lord would have left it in the guardianship of one who could be swayed by the force?

The Eye

After a little sass and some laughs, The Eye agrees to tell Kylo. To Kylo’s surprise, it’s the sleeping host below that knows the location, not The Eye. The possessed creature motions its large arm in the direction of the hidden wayfinder. A pretty clever “security system” if you ask me.

Concept Art for The Rise of Skywalker by David Levy

Thank The Maker!

A plethora of concept art was produced of The Oracle. Jake Lunt Davies is credited with the original concept for The Oracle (thanks Jake, you rock!). The creature went through a few alternate looks, but resulted in the use of Jake’s concept! You can see some of his concepts here.

And the concepts weren’t for nothing… They DID shoot The Oracle scene! A note in “The Art of The Rise of Skywalker” gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the project. Operated by more than 6 people and animatronics, The Oracle weighed in at twenty-eight thousand pounds of silicon! (Holy s***!)

The Oracle is the biggest silicon pour we have ever done. The guys who did Bor Gullet for Rogue One approached this one in a rather off-handed way. To their credit, they did it in one pour. It was nearly twenty-eight thousand pounds of silicon.

Scanlan, the art of the rise of skywalker, page 99
“ORACLE”, Voy, The Art of The Rise of Skywalker, Page 238

Nearing the end of the art book, there are a selection of ILM stills showing The Oracle. There is no doubt in my mind that these are production stills from the scene that was cut! I am hopeful that this deleted scene or even a behind-the-scenes featurette may surface in the future… May the force be with us!

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