No Mon Cala

Players really got to show their true dark side in the story mode of Star Wars: Squadrons, rivaling the infamous “airport mission” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2….alright it’s not that brutal.

If you haven’t played/watched the story then turn back now if you don’t want minor spoilers.

Towards the back half of the story the player gets to run a mission for a pissed off Titan Squadron. The plan is to lure the New Republic out of hiding by devastating a fleet above Mon Cala. For the first time in the game your character gets to take charge in the squad too.

The mission starts off by blowing up some fuel cells which alerts the pesky Anvil Squadron to come defend your attack. Nothing out of the ordinary here as you take out X-Wings, Y-Wings, and A-Wings.

Next is where you can become a true Imperial savage.

A large group of innocent transport ships are on the move and you’re ordered to take out a few. You complete your objective but the player is then given the choice to decimate the entire lot. If you choose to take this path you can hear Anvil Squadron pleading to let these innocent lives go…but the dark side has you now.

Next you’ll cruise on by a New Republic Medical Frigate, your next victim. After blowing those poor souls away you’ll reach the pride and joy of Anvil Squadron, The Silver Coronet.

After smoking their capital ship it’s mission accomplished for the bad guys and if you played this like a true Imperial you’ll feel just that.

This Titan Squadron mission was essentially a Star Wars version of Pearl Harbor (I think that’s a great comparison honestly). It was very cool to get the option to be totally ruthless or not. For the record I chose the ruthless route, without hesitation.

Me during “Chaos at Mon Cala”

Now I was exaggerating when I said this was up there with “No Russian”, the COD Airport mission, but it did feel pretty messed up to be blowing up several innocent transport ships like that. Having choices and feelings is something that makes video games so great though and I’m glad the developers added that in, I could’ve used more to be honest.

So how did you feel while playing “Chaos at Mon Cala”? Or as I like to call it, The Mon Cala Massacre.

Alright let’s get back to the fight Titan Squadron. Watch those engines and remember…no Mon Cala.

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