The Top 5 Strongest Ships in Star Wars: Squadrons, Investigated by us!

Vanguard leader, standing by! If you’re like us, you’ve also been recently enjoying the latest Star Wars aerial combat game released by EA. The fast-paced starfighter combat, the graceful flight controls, the skillful kamikaze crashing into imperial star destroyers, what’s not to love? As you level up you might be wondering which ship is the best to fly in this galaxy far, far away. Well wonder no longer because Holonet Marauders performed an extensive investigation to see what the top pilots are flying!

5. Rex Wing Fighter

A staple in the New Republic Navy, this versatile fighter will not let you down! Easily identifiable by its iconic Rexian cockpit, multi-laser cannon, and proton torpedo arrangement. This ship can blast through an enemy’s hull with ease. An optimized loadout is almost as important as the pilot itself. Make sure to equip the Good Soldier’s Deflector Shields, Battle-Scarred Hull, and Quick-66 Engines for an edge over the competition!

4. Toyoda Corolla

Not much compares to the majestic, untamed bastion of pure power that is the Toyoda Corolla. A true pinnacle of starfighter technology. The Corolla is equipped with a vast array of deadly weaponry and secondary support systems. If you choose this dreadnought, your foes will think twice before engaging in a dog-fight. Usually running for their life at the mere sight of your combative prowess. The only recommended loadout options are the Front Wheel Drive Engines and Sunroof Solar Beam Cannons. Great power and maneuverability, front wheel drive and sunroofs have. 

3. Nimbus 2000

Nothing says speed quite like the Nimbus 2000. Built and designed by the famous Nimbus Intergalactic Racing Broom and Starfighters Company, based out of Malachor. Every Racing Broom and Starfighter is hand-crafted using only the highest quality Mahogany. Not just any Mahogany will do though! Nimbus uses proprietarily sourced Mahogany from the outer rim planet of Malachor, where the trees are three hundred feet tall and breathe FIRE!! From these trees every broom was forged 2,000 years ago, using ancient blood rituals of the Malachor people!

We recommend running the default loadout, since the popular Death Star Beam Cannon lowers max speed slightly.

2. Yoshi’s Cucumber Kart

Originally only available to the infamous Sith Inquisitor Yoshi. After seeing its success time after time, the Corellian Engineering Corporation purchased the designs for mass production. Boasting a high acceleration and handling, the Cucumber Kart also has an unparalleled power system, which gives it a massive arsenal of weaponry. It is highly recommended that you run blue Spiny Shells as secondary weapons as they’ll help you close the gap with first place should you fall behind. The only other core loadout item is the engines in which case there is no logical reason not to run the Golden Mushroom Thrusters. 

1. USS Enterprise

Not many ships are as well suited at exploring space, the final frontier, as the Federation flagship: the NCC-1701 USS Enterprise. Its five year mission: To reach the top of the leaderboards. To seek out and stomp unsuspecting noobs. To boldly declare “gg ez” where no one has declared “gg ez” before. While not classified as a warship, you will be amazed by the sheer destructive power that the Enterprise has under the hood. When preparing for battle, it is imperative that you equip the Prime Directive Directional Mega Cannons. Capable of decimating all sentient life within 100 km of your target. Usually not seen outside the Alpha and Gamma quadrants, due to temporal hijinx, you might see the USS Enterprise in a space battle near you in no time! 

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