The Endgame for The Mandalorian? *SPOILERS*

After the release of Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian, the end goal of the show may be now be clear.

****If you haven’t seen the episode yet this is your SPOILER WARNING to turn back!!!*****

Alright, so I may be diving deep into my thoughts here but I’ve come up with a prediction for the rest of this season and also a prediction for the rest of the show.

Having the legendary Bo Katan show up to save Din Djarin’s bacon is the ultimate move to put a new main plot into motion. Until this point the goal of Mando has been to bring The Child to “his people” and that still is absolutely the main goal. However, we learn Bo is on a mission for two things: tracking down the Darksaber, and reclaiming Mandalore…again.

Mando basically brushes off the idea of helping with those things as he’s obviously still on his own quest. Now here’s where my predictions come in.

Din Djarin has just learned that the Mandalorian way he has been following is not really the “true” way, which Djarin naturally rejects because it’s all he knows. I like to compare it to Luke finding out he’s Vader’s son…it’s such a shock to the character in the moment but as the dust settles they will learn it may truly be possible. I think Mando will be thinking about this the rest of the season which will lead to one of two things, either having a conflict with “his” Mandalorians OR using Bo Katan to unite all of the Mandalorians once and for all (what a perfect lesson that would be for all of us in the real world).

Bo talks about Mandalorians always being conflicted and divided so how perfect would it be that on the show called The Mandalorian that ultimately they all come together for one goal. And that one goal is to take back Mandalore.

But let’s get back to this season. At the moment Din Djarin has learned the whereabouts of “Jedi but not so Jedi” Ahsoka Tano. At some point soon he’ll reach Ahsoka and I really have no clue what will happen there, I really can’t see Djarin parting ways with The Child so we’ll see how that goes. By season’s end I think Mando and possibly Ahsoka will be in contact with Bo Katan once again and they will track down and confront Moff Gideon for Katan to take back what is hers, the Darksaber.

I obviously have no idea how many seasons The Mandalorian has in store and I definitely don’t want to think about it ending. If I had to guess it’ll likely be four or five seasons? But once again, what do I know. However, as I mentioned earlier I firmly believe now that the endgame of this show will be Mandalorians uniting to take back their planet, it would be absolutely perfect.

A look at the planet of Mandalore.

I know I’m getting way ahead of myself thinking this far down the road but it’s hard not to speculate as we get info. Maybe I’ll be way off but it’s fun to imagine some possibilities.

PS: Imagine how great it would be to see Boba Fett team up with some Mandos to take back Mandalore?!

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