Small Gifts, Small Shops!

With the festive holiday times approaching, we all have gift giving on the mind. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite things that would be a great addition to any collection.

Remember, shop small!

This year a lot of our peers have been starting up their own businesses with a galaxy far, far away in mind! Some are brand new, some have been around for awhile. Here are a selection of some of our favorite shops, mostly small but a few big ones as well! Even something small as a gift, and a purchase from one of these shops, will make a difference in someone’s day this year.

Lantern Pins

One of my favorite, if not my number one favorite, pin shops! Her designs include cute lightsaber designs, a Star Wars ladies hair-do line, and adorable creatures! The shop offers enamel pins, patches, and other accessories.

Shop here!

Squadron Goals

Some of the best little designs are found in this shop, covering all eras of Star Wars! This shop offers enamel pins, shirts, and more.

Shop here!

Chic and Geeks

Everything found in this shop is handmade! I’m a proud owner of a few of her seatbelt covers, face masks, and Rey costume pieces! All of her pieces are made with the upmost care and very high quality. This shop offers seatbelt covers, Christmas stockings, and costume accessories

Shop here!

Lazy Day Galaxy

Quirky designs that span all eras of Star Wars! The first link to redbubble gives more options for shirts or hoody designs, while the second link for etsy has a few additional costume pieces offered as well. This shop offers shirts, costume accessories, and more.

Shop here, or here!

Padawan Pins

These pins are incredible! One of the most creative lines I’ve seen recently, with their reflections within the helmet line. And of course adorable The Child merch! This shop offers enamel Pins, stickers, and more

Shop here!

Barstool Sports

Now we know what you’re thinking, why in the galaxy are we listing Barstool merch? Well one of their podcasts touches on Star Wars content from time to time, thanks Robbie Fox <3! There’s a few unique designs here from the Mandalorian! This shop includes clothing and other accessories!

Punch It Chewie Press

Another one of my favorite pin shops! Their designs also cover EVERY era of Star Wars, with a recent Old Republic drop! Their kyber crystal pendant necklaces are also a must buy. This shop offers Enamel pins, stickers, and much more.

Shop here!

Papa Thatch

A blend of Clone Wars and Mandalorian merch found here! Loads of fun and unique designs! Looking for something custom? Send him a message! This shop includes acrylic pins, snapback hats, and more!

Shop here!

Jedi Kaylin Embroidery

These patches are incredible! Lightsaber designs are amongst the most popular, along with character patches like Ahsoka! This shop offers patches only, but there’s always something new coming out it seems.

Shop here!

Adelaide’s Fort

Finding this shop was a pleasant surprise! The shirts and sweatshirts are simple in design but super effective to show off your fandom. Plus everything offered is in a calming color palette and shopping on the site is super #aesthetic. This shop offers clothing and accessories!

Shop here!

Laser Brain Patch Co

Highly recommend their Star Wars pin of the month club. Once a month you receive a brand new Star Wars themed pin, before it even hits their shop. This shop includes enamel pins, patches, and stickers.

Shop here!

Friday Apparel

These designs are classic parks wear, but much much more than that. There is something extra magical about these! One stop for all the Star Wars fans on your shopping list. This shop offers clothing and accessories.

Shop here!

Holonet Marauders

Oh wait, that’s us… Well we’re very proud of our little enamel pins and would love to send them to their new home! Our shop includes enamel pins.

Shop here!

Do you have a favorite small shop? Let us know, maybe we’ll do a part two as the holiday gets closer! By the way, check out the social media for these shops, you never know when they might just drop a sale code..

Happy holidays!

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