Just who is QG-813?

If you’ve been tuning into the Holonet Marauders podcast recently, you may already be acquainted with our announcer droid QG-813. But there’s a little more to Q-Gee than they let on.

Q-Gee is quite the mixed bag of parts, quite literally now. Their original programmed function was that of an assassin droid, created sometime before the Clone Wars. After being caught in the crossfire during a conflict between the Separatists and Republic, somewhere in Bothan Space. Q-Gee lost a few limbs and was tossed in a scrap pile with Separatist droids during the Republic’s post victory clean up. 

Now poor Q-Gee was in that scrap pile for awhile, only getting powered up again years later to meet a fellow protocol droid L3-37. Inspired by L3’s enthusiasm for self-modifications and the rights of an independent droid, Q-Gee took it upon themselves to rebuild. After a few repairs and new, but still second hand, pieces installed, Q-Gee was back in action. 

This time though working as an intersystem courier. There’s always a need for messages to be delivered in person and not over the HoloNet. They continued couriering in person, and some assassin jobs on the side, all during the rise of the Empire and throughout the Galactic Civil War. After the Empire fell, Q-Gee took up residence in the abandoned Imperial listening post over Esseles. 

Over Esseles is where they’ve been spending their time recently. Stationed at the switchboard, passing on information to multiple different sources. Q-Gee has made a comfortable home in this station with the top of the line Imperial equipment. All transmissions, from communications between Imperial remnants right after the war to the Resistance distress call from Crait during the First Order occupation, get picked up at some point by Q-Gee. 

Recently, Q-Gee has been intercepting transmissions from the Holonet Marauders podcast and, much to their chagrin, broadcasting it to a broader audience via the HoloNet. These Marauders somehow have convinced Q-Gee to even do a little bit of voiceover work for them. Q-Gee is grateful for the work, but would prefer to keep in their little listening post. 

QG-813 is an original character created by the Holonet Marauders team. Inspired by the real droids of the Star Wars universe. Art from MegCalIllustrations!

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