The Bad Batch Release Date Revealed

Get ready, the cavalry is arriving May 4th, 2021 on Disney+! The Bad Batch show is premiering on Star Wars day, with later episodes to be released on Fridays. Find the official release here. Ah, nothing like some news about the good ol’ clones to drag me back to the blog. But really, let’s launch into it.

Huge fan of the name of their ship btw, the ‘Havoc Marauder.’

It needs to be said, we have no idea what is truly going to be happening in this show. Sure there was cut content, from way before season 7 was even envisioned, and there are a few theories floating around out there. But I’m most looking forward to padding out the timeline, finally. We know what happens in the later years of the Empire, but I’m dying to know more about the formative years of the Empire.

We’re about to get an entire army that is suffering from PTSD, and I am way more excited than I should be about it all.

Just thinking about all of them again, it’s really making me realize that we might just have to sit through Order 66 again. But this time, it’ll be at the beginning and not the end. We don’t know where the Bad Batch will be during Order 66! Heck, do they even get the order? Do they have inhibitor chips since they’re uniquely designed clones? Oh my. This is going to be very heavy and I’m not sure I’ll be ok during that first watch. (or second, or third, etc.)

We’re ready to see ARC trooper Echo’s story continue as well! We’ve all been watching since the good old days of “Rookies” and “Clone Cadets.” After all this time, he’s still making a difference in the effort. Very curious to see what his take will be with this transitional period from the Republic to the Empire.

Of course, we cannot just gloss over this next bit! FENNEC SHAND! We’re getting more about her story as well! We’re experiencing her in The Mandalorian as an experience bounty hunter, one of the best in the galaxy it seems at least. Seeing her character during her formative years will be incredible. Plus, Ming-Na Wen will obviously be amazing as the one and only voice of Fennec Shand! Very interested to see how she comes into play with the Bad Batch, and what other bounty hunters they might just come across.

Here’s to hoping that the Bad Batch show will be a success, as it’s opening the door for more adventures from crews like this. We’re thinking something in the future along the lines of say Sidon Ithano finding ARC trooper Kix, still frozen but alive years beyond the Clone Wars or maybe even something about the Knights of Ren in the future. We can dream here.

Missed my last Bad Batch speech? Well you’re in luck, it’s right here! (In which I actually predicted we’d be getting this launch May 4, 2021! Woo!)

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