Millie’s Predictions for Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Hello everyone! As you all know, the first episode of the Bad Batch is premiering on Disney+ next week on Tuesday May the 4th, then airing the second episode a few days later on Friday, May 7th.

The first episode is confirmed to be 75 minutes long which surprised me because I originally thought that the premiere episode would consist of the first two episodes into one big 70 minute episode, but it looks like that is not the case. It is also confirmed that the first season would consist of 17 episodes. The titles of the first three episodes is out there via leaks but we won’t mention them, to avoid spoilers in case people want to find out the title of the episodes the day it releases.

While I don’t want to reveal the episode titles, I do want to talk about my theories and predictions for The Bad Batch! I know a lot of us have been speculating about what will happen in the show since the trailer came out on March 30th! I do want to talk about the trailer, because my theories do relate to the trailer in question.

Here is the trailer for those that haven’t seen it yet:

Let’s start right off the bat with the blonde haired kid as seen in the thumbnail and throughout the trailer. We didn’t get a name for this child while watching the trailer, but if you turn on the YouTube subtitles, it is actually revealed that the kids name is Omega. I also found out through Wookiepedia that not only is the kids name Omega but Omega is a girl. If you switch the subtitles to German, it gives Omega female pronouns. Other than that, we really don’t have much to say about Omega. Since the trailer came out, I’ve seen a lot of people speculate who Omega could possibly be.

One of the theories I’ve seen from Twitter said that Omega could possibly be another failed Palpatine clone. I personally don’t believe this theory because if I remember correctly, Palpatine didn’t plan to make clones of himself until later on. I personally want Omega to be another Jango clone, which would be plausible. Listening to Omegas voice, I can hear a New Zealand accent, which is a definitely a trait of a Fett clone. (I do admit that Omegas hair does look like Palpatines hair from the prequels…)

I would also like to point out the headpiece Omega is wearing here:

Recognize the headpiece? No? Well, that is a similar headpiece worn by none other than Nala Se from The Clone Wars!

So my theory for Omega is that she was created on Kamino and was probably one of the last Jango clones to be created, possibly before the events of Order 66. Omega then joins The Bad Batch and then the whole series will play out from there. I would also like to add that Omega at one point in the show will remove the headpiece and have a messier hairstyle that we see in the trailer. This could possibly mean that Omega could rebel against the Kaminoans after she finds out about Tarkin working with them. At this point in the timeline it would make sense because either Order 66 is happening during the series or right before.

While rewatching the trailer multiple times I noticed that Crosshair is nowhere to be seen for most of it. I have a bad feeling that Crosshair might betray the Bad Batch at some point and join the Galactic Empire. Let’shope that isn’t the case, but then again, I could be wrong about everything I’m theorizing.

As mentioned earlier, when I was talking about Omega, I do believe one hundred percent that we will see the events of Order 66 play out in the show. It’s a show that takes place after the events of The Clone Wars, so I think it’s inevitable that it will happen. Will it make us cry again? Most likely. There is also a very high possibility we might see Commander Cody again. I’m personally not ready for this encounter with The Bad Batch, and even possibly Captain Rex.

Those are just the few theories I have for The Bad Batch. There are so many more theories out there I can go all day just talking about them.

I can’t wait to watch the first episode on May the 4th on Disney+. It will defiantly be worth the wait after months of not having any new Star Wars content (other than the High Republic books of course).

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