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Have you taken a look around the Star Wars community and seen just how inspired we are to create more? We had the pleasure of an early viewing of the Dume fan film from Jetsreak Ink Productions / Kiefer Jenkins! The film shows a fan’s take on the little question of where did Kanan get that mask and what else did Kanan Jarrus need to go through in learning to live with his blindness. A combination of great acting, perfect costume recreation, and top notch writing and directing make this must watch for all fans of Rebels.

Take a look here-

We’ve been following this project through social media, seeing bits from the editing room and of course some lightsaber practice along the way! The film was written and directed by Kiefer Jenkins (@jetstreak_ink) and featuring John Rodriguez (@alphaignition) as Kanan Jarrus aka Caleb DUME, Marcus Napuri (@cosplaymakers) as Maul, Aravis Rey (@lionesscosplay) as Sabine Wren, Rei Kennex (@rei.kennex) as Hera Syndulla, @starwarsirl as Ezra Bridger. Jennifer Masci built and operated Chopper for the film.

Last year Jetstreak Ink had released the fan film Shadow of the Mandalorian, which received numerous awards and nominations within multiple indie film festivals. Including Outstanding Achievement Award (Sci-Fi Short), Best Editing, Best Original Score, and Best VFX from the IndieX Film Festival. We cannot wait to see what he’s working on next!

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