5 Favorite LGBTQ+ Star Wars Characters

With June comes pride month! In celebrating pride across the galaxy, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite LGBTQ+ characters in the Star Wars universe.

1. Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra

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Writer for the Dr. Aphra comics Kieron Gillen has openly said that if he had to give Aphra a label, she would be a lesbian.

I’ve written her primarily romantically interested in women. I think that would be fair to say. Star Wars doesn’t really have the terminology that we do either. One of the things we wrote inside the first arc was that homophobia as we know it doesn’t really exist in the Star Wars universe. No one raises their eyebrow, no one seems surprised when it happens. It’s kind of just something that’s there, so the way that they process sexuality has got to be different anyway, and how they choose to identify, as well.

Kieron Gillen via StarWars.com

We couldn’t say it much better ourselves here, thanks Kieron. Aphra’s relationships have included one with Sana Starros and with Magna Tolvin. Aphra’s comic series has included many characters that consider themselves LGBTQ+ and it is a must read for all fans. War of the Bounty Hunters (#1), a highly anticipated series, will feature Aphra as one of the pride variant covers!

2. Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

In the Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View short story titled, Of MSE-6 and Men this is revealed in the short story that through TK-421’s mouse droid an officer, although not mentioned by name, expressed interest in this stormtrooper, and it’s implied that they were in a relationship. This is a heavily speculated by the fans that the officer in question is Tarkin. The only confirmation, albeit still unofficially, coming from Glen Weldon the author of this short story, who happened to simply like a tweet about the topic. The outright confirmation was not said. Take this one with a grain of salt as Tarkin wasn’t LGBTQ+ in Legends.

3. Lando Calrissian

In watching Lando in Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Solo, and The Rise of Skywalker, especially Solo, we’re given extra depth to Lando’s sexuality. It’s implied heavily in Solo as well there is a potentially romantic relationship between L3-37 and Lando. Lando’s conversations with Han, during their young years, are heavily viewed by fans to be incredibly flirtatious. One of the writers for Solo, Jonathan Kasdan, supported the idea of having Lando be Pansexual. Most recently this was confirmed by Star Wars in an upcoming comic variant cover of Star Wars #14, for the month of June of this year. It’s really exciting to see this being confirmed.

4. Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

Holdo’s sexuality is never referenced or mentioned in the film The Last Jedi but she’s heavily implied tothat she is LGBTQ+ in Leia: Princess of Alderaan. Holdo mentions to Leia in the book that she isn’t exclusively into humanoid males. Holdo also says that she finds both gender and species criteria limiting, implying she’s attracted to multiple genders. Claudia Gray, the writer of Leia: Princess of Alderaan, later confirms that she intended to portray Holdo as LGBTQ+, but didn’t know what the terminology for what that would be in the Star Wars galaxy.

5. Keo Venzee

Keo Venzee from Star Wars: Squadrons is our first canon non-binary character. They were confirmed to be non-binary by Star Wars: Squadrons writer Mitch Dyer. Multiple times in the gameplay Keo, and Vanguard Squadron, refer to Keo as they/them when using pronouns instead of their name. Keo is voiced by a non-binary voice actor named Bex-Taylor Klaus. To add even more of a layer to their character design, their pilot helmet’s color scheme is very inspired by the non-binary pride flag in using the colors yellow, purple, black, and white.
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