Star Wars Characters and Their Coffee/Tea Orders

Be honest, you’ve thought about what your favorite Star Wars characters would order at a coffee shop. Unless you’re normal. In that case you have not thought about this.

Either way, let’s discuss our favorite galactic friends and foes and what the heck they would order once they got to the counter of their coffee shop (unless they mobile ordered….I’m looking at you Sheev). For many of these I had some great input from some good pals, so thank you to those of you who chimed in.

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader– I had to phone a friend/Anakin expert on this one (shoutout to Ryan). The angsty young Skywalker would have a simple order, a medium black coffee with a little sugar. While simple this order describes Anakin perfectly, a little dark and sweet inside. When asked about what Vader would order Ryan replied with, “Vader doesn’t drink, he gets caffeine through his suit”. Of course, silly me for asking.

Obi Wan Kenobi- I can picture Obi Wan just watching the twin suns rise over the mountainous terrain of Tatooine, sipping on a hot cup of coffee mixed with whatever the heck the Tusken Raiders were offering Cobb Vanth in Chapter 9 of The Mandalorian (just checked, they’re called black melons). He winces as he drinks it and then goes on with his routine of watching over a young Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker– Some folks may not be happy with this one but Luke is ordering a matcha latte guys. We all know his love for fresh, green beverages. He absolutely sent his nephew, Ben Solo, for a few of these bad boys during Jedi training. I imagine Ben just looked at the odd green substance as his uncle consumed these. Matcha seems to have a chill vibe to it, which definitely fits Luke’s post ROTJ mood.

Rey– The perfect drink for the scavenger turned Jedi is a London fog latte. The mysteriousness of this beverage matches young Rey but with sweet sparks of citrus that are perfect for kicking Kylo and the First Order’s backsides. Hints of lavender and vanilla go well with Rey’s sweet and calm (usually) personality.

Ahsoka Tano– This badass Togruta’s order was simple, a Chai Latte. The color of the latte nearly matches her white sabers and the combination of spice and sweetness pairs well with whether you’re a friend or foe of Ahsoka.

The Bad Batch– Now this one was fun to come up with. Tech would bring them all boring, black hot coffee and then he’d go into detail of the roast, what exactly is in it, and the temperature it was made at. I swear I didn’t consult Jamie on this one.

Din Djarin– The suggestion for Mando came from the Din Djarin expert herself, our friend Ladylorian Dodge. Mando is walking up to that counter (helmet on of course) and mumbling to the barista that he wants a cold brew with triple shot expresso…oh yeah and a pupperchino for Grogu. The poor guy needs all of that caf for running errands for everyone and their mother across the galaxy.

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo– We mentioned this crazy boy earlier going for Luke’s order but what would the son of Han and Leia order? Easy, an iced macchiato. The split dark and light look of a macchiato literally is Kylo Ren in coffee form (especially if it’s a trenta). Why iced you ask? Well because it agrees with his cold blood…

Padme Amidala– Yet another order that one of our pals helped with, Bekah suggested an iced tea of sorts depending on the season. I think an iced passion tango tea is a great choice for Padme. Just the term “passion tango” is very Padme. A stylish looking drink that packs a punch. Starbucks…rename it “The Amidala” please.

Leia Organa– While her mother was a tea drinker I picture Leia being more of a coffee drinker. She needs that extra kick to just deal with Han alone. The princess is ordering a classic, a caramel iced coffee. A simple yet beautiful drink, perfect for a Rebellion.

Lando Calrissian– This one took me a bit but Landonis is ordering himself a Pink Drink. He’s absolutely not ashamed of it either, he drinks about 4 of those a day and flaunts them around Cloud City (or wherever he is). Meanwhile Han rolls his eyes at it but secretly wants one.

Han Solo– This scruffy looking nerf-herder isn’t stepping foot in a coffee shop. He’s making his own caf aboard the Falcon. My dad drinks the worst coffee imaginable, microwaved Folgers coffee crystals. THAT is exactly what Han is drinking. There’s definitely a coffee machine on the Falcon but you know it’s been busted for years, probably since Lando had it, so he’s tossing that poodoo in the microwave.

Finn– The former stormtrooper now co-general is getting himself a coffee frappuccino. Ever since stumbling across Jakku in longjohns he’s craved frozen treats such as this. The added caffeine is just a plus to power him through Resistance shenanigans and…future Jedi training 😉 .

Poe Dameron– Easiest one on the list. What’s Poe’s favorite color? Orange! What drink is orange-ish? A pumpkin spice latte. You thought that spice he was running was drugs? No, no it was this stuff. Poe Dameron, runner of pumpkin spice/

So there you have it, Star Wars characters and what they would order at a coffee shop. I know I missed a lot of characters so we’ll have to do this again sometime. Time to begin the extensive research for part two! In the meantime, what is YOUR coffee/tea order??

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