Not the LEGO Star Wars You’re Looking For (but still fun)

The wait for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has felt like an eternity but there is a way to get a new, refreshing taste of LEGO Star Wars mini-figures blowing each other to bits.

LEGO Star Wars Battles released on September 24th for iOS and it’s an absolute blast. First off, I’m not a big mobile gaming person at all but this game has me hooked. The fact it’s something LEGO Star Wars related had me intrigued enough to hit “get” on my iPhone and from there on there was no looking back.

My favorite part about the gameplay is that it’s live PvP which definitely adds an extra element for me. It’s essentially a turret defense type of game with one player as the Rebellion and the other as the Empire (randomly chosen in the loading screen). Figuring out what strategy works best and learning from what opponents do has been a highlight. Whether you choose to use a speedy attacker off the bat to gain some ground and build turrets or choose a more powerful attacker to hold some ground longer.

I’m absolutely a canon junkie when it comes to Star Wars but when LEGO is involved, the goofier the better. It’s fun to have Clone Troopers and a flock of porgs running alongside Luke Skywalker into battle. Yes, I said flock of porgs (another major highlight of the game).

As you win battles you’ll earn points which add up to moving onto different planets. There’s a great mix of all Star Wars eras in the game so there’s literally something for all types of fans. I’d love to see them eventually add some characters from The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian (and other shows of course) but I’m sure they’ll come along in due time. Having Grogu marching alongside a flock of porgs is my dream team.

All in all this game is great Star Wars fun and since there’s not a lot of Star Wars gaming action out for quite some time, I think it’s worth checking out. See you all on the battle field, go easy on me!

Author: Boston_Kylo

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