The Book of Boba Fett Predictions

It’s crazy how just about a year ago we were finding out about The Book of Boba Fett through a post- credit style scene in Season 2 of The Mandalorian. It threw fans through a loop in the moment, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. Now, here we are just a week away from the premier. Just like we’ve done with the other Star Wars shows we’re going to make a few predictions, both basic and bold.

For anyone who wants to go in fresh and is avoiding the trailers PLEASE BE WARNED, they will be discussed in this article.

Sarlacc Survival

Let’s start with some basic speculation. Many fans have wanted to see what happens to Boba Fett right after Return of the Jedi, how does he get out and survive the Sarlacc? Judging by the trailers it looks like we’ll see just that. He may even be rescued by Tusken Raiders. That would make a lot of sense since we see Boba wielding a gaffi stick in The Mandalorian. I’ve really enjoyed getting an inside look at Tusken Raider culture through Mando so I’d love to see it happen again in BOBF. The trailer also shows off Boba in what looks like a Bacta Tank BUT I think that is from a later part of the show as the Tuskens wouldn’t have access to something like that or at least I wouldn’t think so.


This was the juiciest thing that came out of any of the trailers for me. Fennec Shand says, “These are just the first wave, they’re going to war”. First off, who is going to war? The most conflict we see in the trailer is with those mysterious shield wielders who surround Boba and Fennec. It makes sense that there would be some sort of war with all of the changing of the guard going on. There’s turf to be had now that Jabba and Bib Fortuna are gone.

Boba is seen possibly trying to form an alliance over dinner (how nice) with leaders but how will that go? His approach of “ruling with respect” seems like a smart move but if there’s one thing we absolutely know about the Star Wars underworld it’s TRUST NO ONE. I’m thinking Boba gets duped by his fellow crime lords and it all goes to hell, which brings me to my next thought.


Boba knows that Cobb Vanth is a marshal so maybe he seeks out the loyal lawman to help clean up some of Tatooine. I’m already pumped about this show but if Cobb shows up and teams up with Boba…I’ll be on cloud nine. It’s still a bit confusing that Fett knew exactly where his armor was during The Mandalorian and didn’t seem to do anything about it. Does he hate Cobb? Does he respect him? Hopefully we get some answers to that. The fans want Vanth!

Black Krrsantan

Well whatta ya know?! If some of you don’t know we actually had our one and only scoop over a year ago involving Black Krrsantan being in Season 3 of The Mandalorian. At the time that’s what we believed the production was but with different codenames and everything it’s now clear that it was for BOBF!

So yes, I’m going to go ahead and put this in my predictions. Boba and Black Krrsantan have a history going back to the days of the Galactic Civil War, having crossed career paths and even working together. The badass wookiee is most known for his appearances in the Doctor Aphra comics. Will we see Aphra in the show? I doubt it but that would be amazing. I’d have to say Krrsantan will be an ally to ol’ Boba. Can’t wait!

Din Djarin

It’s not clear at all what Din could be up to now after season two of Mando. He’s now Grogu-less and potentially with Bo Katan. One thing we do know is that he has the Darksaber and likely has contact with Boba Fett, having spent a solid chunk of time together. Will Din randomly appear in BOBF or will Fett reach out to him for help? Imagine Boba being in a jam and then all of a sudden hearing the Darksaber igniting. Din Djarin hallway scene when? So far we’ve somehow made a team of Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, Cobb Vanth, Black Krrsantan, and Din Djarin. My goodness.

Prince Xizor?

Alright this one is a reach and a half but hear me out. Xizor was recently mentioned in the latest Crimson Reign comic so he’s a canon player once again in the Star Wars crime world. For those who don’t know, Xizor was the main antagonist and leader of Black Sun in the 90’s video game Shadows of the Empire. Maybe he’s the one that Boba is going to war with. Honestly, I think it’d be more fun to use a familiar face as the villain of this show and who better than Xizor. Actually there’s probably plenty of better options but hey I’d like to see the weird prince.

Well there you have it, some random predictions for The Book of Boba Fett. The excitement is through the roof for this show and we’re SO CLOSE. Can’t wait to get back into the routine of losing sleep due to getting up way too early to watch Star Wars shows. What are some of your predictions??

May the Force Be With You.

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