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Holonet Games Presents: Racer (Part 2!)

I’ll be honest this video starts with AJ cracking open a cold one and it kind of spirals from there. The racing pods I mean. The pods spiral out of… read more Holonet Games Presents: Racer (Part 2!)

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Batuu? No? Let’s go!

Ever get the feeling you’re the absolute last Star Wars fan who hasn’t see Batuu? Well you’re not. And you won’t be the last. Countless fans will never get that… read more Batuu? No? Let’s go!

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Jawa juice, but at what cost?

You ever find yourself unable to sleep because you suddenly remember Obi-Wan joyfully enjoying a mug of jawa juice in Attack of the Clones? I sure have lost a few… read more Jawa juice, but at what cost?

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Holonet Games presents: Racer (part 1)

Our racing season kicked off this week as @boston_kylo and I began racing our way across the galaxy in Star Wars Episode 1: Racer. Not podracer, just racer. In this… read more Holonet Games presents: Racer (part 1)

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A Galaxy Social Distanced

We can all agree that the number one planet to NOT follow social distance guidelines would be Coruscant. (or any ecumenopolis for that matter.) But if our beloved Star Wars… read more A Galaxy Social Distanced

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First steps into a higher world

Earlier this week IGN shared the first COMPLETE chapter of Charles Soule’s upcoming novel about the High Republic! (Find it here!) What we know so far about the upcoming content… read more First steps into a higher world

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Hands ON the Merchandise – the child conundrum

We’ve been getting a steady feed of new Star Wars content since 2015. With every new release, and anniversary, it comes with that wave of merchandise. I’ll be the one… read more Hands ON the Merchandise – the child conundrum

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*Bad Batch theme intensifies*

Uh oh, guess who has a hot take about the Clone Wars? It’s me, and my favorite arc of season 7 was not the Siege of Mandalore. It was the… read more *Bad Batch theme intensifies*

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Night Buzzard & chill?

Gather round Knights, we’re having a meeting back at Albrekh’s workbench. Wait, you’re not familiar with Albrekh? Why, he’s the Symeong that’s our sith alchemist / metalsmith! (And in concept… read more Night Buzzard & chill?

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See you in 2022, Anaheim.

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020 has officially been postponed to 2022. It was expected by everyone, took absolutely no one by surprise, if anything we were all sitting on pins… read more See you in 2022, Anaheim.