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Report in, Vanguard Squadron!

The trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons is here!! (Full press release here!) Let’s dive into it! The art style for the poster is suspiciously close to that from Alphabet Squadron,… read more Report in, Vanguard Squadron!

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Someone sold our souls to Czerka

Something that we’ve been lacking in the Star Wars canon is good ol’ Czerka Corporation. In Master & Apprentice, from Claudia Gray, we really got our first taste current Star… read more Someone sold our souls to Czerka

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“Where it will lead, I cannot say.” (Zahn 1)

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Expecting the (Vader) Inquisition

SPOILER HEAVY for Star Wars Jedi:Fallen Order (and Rebels) The universe post order 66, or the Great Jedi Purge, has been explored briefly, but there isn’t a lot of canon… read more Expecting the (Vader) Inquisition

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“A Crash of Fate” Review

Just a couple kids reconnect on Batuu, rub elbows with Dok Ondar, and save the farming community from some malicious smugglers.

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A welcome one

The year– 2019 The place– Chicago, (Specifically the Sunday of Star Wars Celebration at the Rey cosplay community meet-up) The person– jammthejedi The what– Well I dropped a lightsaber down… read more A welcome one