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The tiniest glimpse

We’ve officially reached a point of desperation in the Star Wars fandom. Desperation for ANY official news that is. Star Wars leakers and diehard fans have been chomping at the… read more The tiniest glimpse

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Bad Batch series confirmed to be set post-Clone Wars !

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone in between, the boys are back. We have confirmation from Lucasfilm that the Bad Batch will be the next animated series we see! Coming to Disney+… read more Bad Batch series confirmed to be set post-Clone Wars !

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Rebels “Continuation”

The Clone Wars got the icing on it’s cake of a story with it’s final season coming this past spring, now it’s time we tie up some loose ends from… read more Rebels “Continuation”

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*Bad Batch theme intensifies*

Uh oh, guess who has a hot take about the Clone Wars? It’s me, and my favorite arc of season 7 was not the Siege of Mandalore. It was the… read more *Bad Batch theme intensifies*