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Small Gifts, Small Shops!

With the festive holiday times approaching, we all have gift giving on the mind. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite things that would be a great addition to… read more Small Gifts, Small Shops!

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Night Buzzard & chill?

Gather round Knights, we’re having a meeting back at Albrekh’s workbench. Wait, you’re not familiar with Albrekh? Why, he’s the Symeong that’s our sith alchemist / metalsmith! (And in concept… read more Night Buzzard & chill?

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Someone sold our souls to Czerka

Something that we’ve been lacking in the Star Wars canon is good ol’ Czerka Corporation. In Master & Apprentice, from Claudia Gray, we really got our first taste current Star… read more Someone sold our souls to Czerka